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Custom Made Mother’s Day Sentiments No. 6

It’s here again

Mother’s Day

that wonderful Sunday

that comes each May

sweet treasures await

a wonderful time

a handprint in plaster

an original rhyme

a ceramic ashtray

although I don’t smoke

breakfast in bed

burnt toast, runny yolk

a card that took 80 minutes to make

with crayons, scissors

a whole roll of tape.

a small flower you planted

yourself just for me

a lopsided sculpture

 I think it’s a tree

a handmade cross,

painted bright green,

a note, “IOU a gift

… love, your teen”

as you grow older

the gifts will transcend

store-bought finery

and flowers you’ll send.

and though every gift

I receive gives me pleasure,

it’s those lopsided gifts

from the heart that I treasure.

Custom Made Mother’s Day Sentiments No. 3


It’s Mother’s Day, you know it’s true,

That’s why I’m sending this poem to you.

I wanted to warn you somewhat in advance,

In case you planned a vacation, by chance.

I’ll be coming home again this summer,

To thank you in person – my wonderful mother.

I’ll be living with you, rent-free and all,

You’ll be doing my laundry from spring until fall.

Then, I’ll be leaving again – what a bummer!

But just know that I’m getting smarter, not dumber.

While at home, I’ll be using your car and your money,

And your gas and park pass on the days that it’s sunny.

I’ll be out every night like last summer. remember?

You won’t sleep a wink from May through September.


Your Kollege Kid

Custom Made Mother’s Day Sentiments No. 2


There are so many things that “Mother” stands for,

Like love and patience and,

“Don’t slam the door!”

Compassion and caring and,

“Don’t tell a lie.”

Discipline and empathy and,

“I said so – that’s why!”

Strong and cheerful and,

“Remove shoes at the door.”

Supportive and kind and,

“Take flight and soar!”

Faithful and forgiving and,

“Be kind to others.”

Funny and wise and,

“Don’t hit your brothers!”


Your 12-year-old daughter

By Viv Sade