Who knows how the brain works – especially when it is not

The human brain is an amazing thing … especially when it’s working.

I wouldn’t know.

There are days when I cannot remember the names of my children.

But, I have no trouble remembering all of the words to a dirty limerick that Terry Hougendobler sang to me after we climbed to the top of an old dead tree in the Clay Pit on Pleasant Street when I was in the fourth grade.

P— Pot Pete, Came over the hill with 120 pounds …

Well, we won’t go there … it’s only Tuesday and too early for me to let loose with my weekend vino, tongue muscle fatigue and the bellowing of dirty ditties.

But I can’t remember if I ate breakfast and I can remember the Clay Pit and the dirty limerick? What the heck is that all about?

Oh yeah, I think it’s called Getting Old.

No way.

Stacy, Geoffrey, Christopher and Benjamin.

The names of my kids.

Terry Hougendobler.

I mean really, who the heck could remember that?!

Here’s to you Terry, for keeping my brain active — even into old age.

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