My Secret Mouse Addiction

What possesses a person to spend their precious (and rare) free time constructing and dressing tiny mouse bodies?

I usually make choir mice as Christmas ornaments wearing red choir gowns and holding hymnals. But my granddaughter needed some families” for her dollhouse, so I made a mouse family since she is an animal aficionado. Her dad is a Colts fan, so of course, so is Papa Mouse.

I think it might be easier to just stab and slab ’em … just a thought.

The Whole Fam Damily: Papa, Mama, Big Sis, Baby Sis
Papa is a Colts fan, of course. Mama is a stay-at-home mother.
Baby Mouse
Baby mouse, shown next to my pinkie for scale. Maybe I need a second job?

3 thoughts on “My Secret Mouse Addiction

  1. Of, course — you know wine makes me more creative. It’s only after the second glass that I go from creative to disruptive; after three unresponsive; after four, it straight to addictive.

    It’s a thin line.

  2. Cute. I enjoy your scribbles, now with photos. Are you going to convention? Are you rooming with anyone? Julie has backed out. I was going to room with her. So I’m available if you need a rookie.


  3. Is that project to keep you busy and out of the wine or…. do you need the wine to make it thru the project? Hmmmmm

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