And the walls, came tumbling down … tumbling, tumbling … down

Here’s one prom night some Churubusco teens will never forget.

My sister, Margaret, and her husband, Greg, created more than a few Saturday when they were entering a gaggle of teens, serving them dinner and taking pictures prior to The Big Event – the Churubusco Junior-Senior Prom. Little did they know they were about to give the kids a prom night they would never forget.

After dinner, they took the teens outside to pose on the balcony.

Here’s one of the photos of the first group of the younger kids – freshmen and sophomores:

The younger group pose on the deck in all their finery, not realizing it was a good thing to be young and first in line.

Here’s the progression of the second group and their photos — there were not many, as this happened almost immediately after they posed for the photo:

The second, older group right before after the Big Crack and just before the Big Crash. The expressions … priceless.
Greg cleans up the aftermath after first checking the details of his homeowner’s policy.

Luckily, no one was seriously hurt and they marched on to the prom. One guy had a rip in his tux, another had a cut, another was scraped up and there were multiple contusions.

All I’ve got to say is it’s pretty hard to walk in those skyscraper heels, but those lovely ladies fell and were covered in debris and still managed to land on their feet without breaking an ankle. And they still looked amazing! They all dusted themselves off and looked good as new  – not one hair out of place.

Should have used some of that hair spray to seal the deck.

5 thoughts on “And the walls, came tumbling down … tumbling, tumbling … down

  1. Wow – so glad there weren’t any serious injuries. Definitely a memorable night! Wonder if that is a $10,000 winner??

  2. I’m sure this doesn’t really matter but the majority of the the first group were seniors or older with only one freshman and one sophomore in the group. They just got to be the lucky ones who went first not because they were younger.

    1. Sure it matters. I just assumed and you know what they say about “ass-u-me.” I was basing that solely on the fact that Molly was in the first photo and Chandler was in the second.
      Me bad.
      —Bad Aunt

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